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New tools, new ways to work

We also built in some advanced features for you.

An animation of a Notion workspace’s sidebar with multiple levels of nested entries

Infinite hierarchy

No limits on nesting pages inside pages for better organization.
A screenshot of a Notion table database filled with multiple rows and columns of content

Tables & databases

Keep simple or sophisticated records with views, filters, tags, and more.
A screenshot of a popup menu appearing after a slash containining blocks text can be transformed in to

#Markdown & /slash commands

Access all of Notion's tools without touching your mouse to stay in flow.
An animation showing how easy it is to drag and drop content

Drag & drop

Get your ideas on the page, then rearrange. Our editor helps you structure your thoughts and plans.

And yes, we have Web Clipper

Save any web page directly into Notion from any device.

A screenshot of Notion’s Web Clipper in a browser saving a page

On desktop

Notion Web Clipper is available as an extension for Chrome, Safari and Firefox.
A screenshot of Notion’s Web Clipper on iOS in a share sheet saving a page

On mobile

Our mobile apps come with a built-in Web Clipper.

Import from Evernote, instantly

No messy migration required.

Safari browser barNotion screenshot

Pricing, side-by-side

You can also try Notion for free. See all pricing plans.

Evernote Premium

Evernote Premium

Basic note taking.


$0.80 billed monthly

  • Notes
  • Tags
  • Reminders
  • Web clipper
  • Two-level hierarchy
Notion Personal

Notion Personal

For organizing every corner of your life.


  • Notes
  • Tags
  • Reminders
  • Web clipper
  • Infinite hierarchy
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Markdown support
  • Databases

Made with teams in mind

Wikis, project tracking, real-time collaboration, and more.

Safari browser barNotion screenshot

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We also have Mac & Windows apps to match.

We also have iOS & Android apps to match.

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