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Ceci Saia

Take notes

Capture notes quickly and organize them however you want, no matter where you are. Notion remembers it all so you don’t have to.

Whether it’s to-do’s, a reminder, or your next big idea, Notion makes it easy to add and find later.

Trip reviewer Ceci never forgets
a good idea at home

An international travel blogger, Ceci’s notes need to go with her. Using an organized note-taking system in Notion, she keeps track of everything she’s supposed to record and review for her trips, while also capturing thoughts along the way.

Amira Yahyaoui

Get organized

Your budget, recipes, articles to read — instead of using multiple apps to corral this info, keep it all in one place.

In Notion, you can create a home base for the many things going on in your life, and build it to match the way your brain works.

Human rights activist Amira keeps many plates spinning

Amira, an entrepreneur and humanitarian, uses Notion to organize every facet of her life — the company she runs, global travel, and the Tunisian recipe book she’s writing with her mother.

Amira Yahyaoui
Swapna Krishna

Track tasks

Managing any project — from work requests to a list of chores — is a juggling act. In Notion, you can get a full view of what needs to get done so no balls get dropped.

Make simple checklists or detailed project boards to turn tasks into action.

Freelance writer Swapna keeps tabs
on all her assignments

A space and science writer, Swapna usually works on several pieces at once, every week. With Notion, she’s able to build detailed lists of to-do’s for all projects while tracking the status of each one through her process.

Get started. free for personal use.
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Alex MacCaw

Start writing

Just start typing in Notion and everything else fades away. We’ve designed it to help you focus on the task at hand.

Notion’s writing experience is as simple or sophisticated as you need it to be — it’s a home for distraction-free thinking where you can organize your thoughts with drag-and-drop ease.

Startup founder Alex wrote
his first book in Notion

As a CEO and co-founder, Alex spends a lot of time managing people. He wrote his first book on management in Notion, collecting hundreds of pages of thoughts, organizing them, and sharing them for feedback with dozens of collaborators.

Alex MacCaw
Tommy Barav

Get better

No matter how you want to improve, Notion is flexible enough to help you achieve your goals.

Meal planners, reading lists, and habit trackers all live side-by-side — no more switching between apps to stay on target.

Productivity expert Tommy built
a system for self-improvement

Tommy is an entrepreneur who’s made getting things done his career. Using Notion, he built a fully-customized (and highly-quantified) system that helps him reach his goals, both personal and professional. And it’s all in one place for everyday use.

Anabella Spinelli

Build websites

Reach the entire world by making any Notion page a publicly-accessible website with a single click.

A resume, portfolio, or personal website — publishing pages with Notion lets you express yourself and be discovered by everyone, anywhere.

Engineer Anabella built her resume on the web for all to see

Anabella is a software engineer with a love for visual design. Her resume is a public page in Notion, making it viewable to the many hiring managers out there browsing the web (and others who might share).

Anabella Spinelli

Designed for you to get more done

These features and more are now free — forever.

An animation showing how easy it is to drag and drop content

Think with drag & drop

Grab anything, move and organize it, however works best for you.
An animation cycling through several options available in a popup menu when a user types a slash character

Many types of content

Images, videos, headings, app embeds — add anything right into Notion pages.
An animation showing entries in a sidebar expanding revealing several levels of child entries

Clear navigation

Nest pages inside of pages and view them all at a glance in your sidebar.
A screenshot showing a comment thread between two Notion users

Collaborate in real time

Comments and mentions help you get more done with other people, wherever you are.

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Questions & answers

What if I'm already paying for the old Personal Plan?

You've been automatically upgraded to our new Personal Pro Plan at no extra cost! In addition to all the features of the free Personal Plan, Personal Pro includes:

  • No limit on file uploads (5MB is the limit for free)

  • Unlimited guest collaborators (5 guests is the limit for free)

  • Version history up to 30 days

  • Priority customer support

You can switch back to the free Personal Plan at any time.

What happens to all the guests I added on the old Free Plan?

You can still add up to 5 guests to collaborate on any page in your workspace. If you've already added more than 5 guests, they will still be there. But to add more over the 5-guest limit, you’ll need to upgrade to the Personal Pro Plan.

That said, our new public editing feature makes it possible to allow any other Notion users with the page's link to add edits or comments.

What if I had multiple members in my Free Plan workspace?

No worries, you don’t have to remove anyone! There is a block limit when your Free Plan has multiple members. If you hit a limit you can:

  • Upgrade to our Plus Plan.

  • Start a new workspace for just yourself and use it for free, indefinitely.

  • Remove members, and enjoy no content limits on your own.

Note: Make sure members in your workspace have their private pages backed up before you remove them!

How can my team try out Notion for free?

We want to make it easy for you to take Notion for a spin with multiple members before you start paying. Here's how to do that:

  • Create a new Notion workspace, and select Team as the type when asked.

  • You'll be enrolled in a Team Plan free trial that gives you access to Team Plan features with trial limits on block content, guests and version history. When you hit those limits, you can upgrade.

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